The fees for projects vary depending on the complexity, intended use, depth and background of the illustration. Once the details of a project are agreed upon a non refundable deposit of 50% is required to start work. All prices are in US funds.


Black and white ink drawing of 1 single character – $150 to $300+

Colored drawing of 1 single character – $300 – $450+

Black and white ink drawing of a group of characters – $300 – $600+

Colored drawing of a group of characters – $500 – $950+

Originals: There’s no originals drawings, everything is digital.


Licensing an existing illustration: If a piece already exists which you are interested in leasing for use, it may be possible for you to license that illustration for a set fee. It may also be possible to purchase permanent reproduction rights for a specific illustration providing that it is not already being leased or purchased by another client. Purchase price varies according to each illustration.

Standard License: Once the illustration is created, the client has the right to use it for one full year, without paying supplemental costs. After the initial year has elapsed, reproduction rights must be purchased. The reproduction rights fee varies according to each illustration.

Purchase of Rights: Should you wish to purchase the permanent reproduction rights once and for all, it may be possible to do so. It is more likely that David Cantero will sell such rights for illustrations custom tailored and created specifically for clients according to their needs. The permanent reproduction rights allow you to reproduce your image as much as you like, in print, on the web etc, but do not permit you to alter or re-sell the image. The artist also still retains the right to use the image for self promotion as he sees fit, but upon selling the permanent rights, loses the right to re-sell the image.