I always loved music. Few years ago, I started to make promotional videos for my comic books. I really enjoyed create music and sing. So, I did it again and again! You can find here the promotional videos for my comic books, songs written and sang by me and versions of my favorites songs. I hope you’ll enjoy it!


ALEX IN BONERLAND, Music and voice, David Cantero.

LITTLE DAVID, Music and voice, David Cantero.

TRANSITO, “SOY” y “ALRIGHT”, Music and voice, David Cantero

SLEEPING BEAR, version of the song “Once upon a dream” from Disney movie Sleeping Beauty. Music and voice, David Cantero.

THE CAVEMEN, Music by David Cantero.

KEYS, version of the song “Kiss” Tom Jones. Music and voice, David Cantero.

PEOPLE, David Cantero’s voice.

CANTERO’S FLYERS, Music and voice, David Cantero.

OTTO, David Cantero’s voice.


FEVER, version of Peggy Lee. Voice, David Cantero.

I AM AN ALIEN, version of Of Monster and Men “I Of The Storm” (Alex Somers Remix). Voice, David Cantero.

BOTH SIDES, version of Joni Mitchell “Both Sides Now” (Susan Boyle version). Voice, David Cantero.

GONE, version of Madonna song. Music and voice, David Cantero.

A LA CLAIRE FONTAINE, version of the famous french children song. Music and voice, David Cantero.

ENJOY THE SILENCE, version of Depeche Mode song. David Cantero’s voice.

THIS WOMAN’S WORK, version of Kate Bush song. David Cantero’s voice.

TALK TO ME, version of the song “Here comes the rain again”, Eurythmics. David Cantero’s voice.

SILENT ALL THESE YEARS, version of Tori Amos song. David Cantero’s voice.

DEBAJITO DE UN ARBOL, version of ANA BELEN song. David Cantero’s voice.

ROLLING IN THE DEEP, version of Adele song. David Cantero’s voice.

SISTERSOUL, version of the song “La chanson des vieux amants”, Jaques Brel. David Cantero’s voice.

LEFT OF THE MIDDLE, version of Natalie Imbruglia song. Music and voice, David Cantero.

SOLO TU, version of Pablo Alborán song. Music and voice, David Cantero.

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, version of John Lennon song. David Cantero’s voice.

CANDY, version of Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson song. Music and voice, David Cantero.

ORIGINAL SONGS, Written and sung by David Cantero