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Boxing Julian shows us how macho society can make your life a living Hell! False appearances can become a prison from which you cannot escape, making you exceptionally unhappy, and even hurtful to others. The main character of the book is Julian.

A pro athlete who enjoys the limelight, Julian struggles with his homosexuality which he feels he must absolutely keep secret in order to hold on to the life of fame and fortune to which he’s become accustomed.

His self-loathing knows no bounds, and he often takes his rage out on those closest to him. His devoted girlfriend Lola; Ben the kind-hearted physiotherapist. Both often fall prey to Julian’s aggression.

Julian’s ongoing struggle against himself and his desires translates into daily violence that explodes ever more fiercely in each and every fight, allowing him to go on leading a life that deep down he doesn’t want. Confused by a terrible past, under his outer beauty and his macho ways lies a childhood trauma that shattered his soul.