By David Cantero

24 Pages / Full Colour – BUY THE COMIC BOOK

Welcome to the incredible mecca of diBEARcity, created by David Cantero! You’ll meet five hunky “bears” who are the very best of friends: Billy, Jack, Fisherman, Chuck and Chase!

They lead diverse lives, having chosen vastly different paths from one another! Yet somehow, forge intensely strong bonds of friendship despite their differences, or perhaps because of them.

Billy is a massive comic geek and fanboy. This Nordic giant loves spending most of his free time playing video games and reading comics. Jack’s a hot-blooded Italian bad boy. He’s all man with attitude, and though he hides behind a gruff exterior, we all know this bear is a softy on the inside.

Sexy French-Canadian Fisherman has recently lost the love of his life. His husband, John has passed away, leaving him heartbroken and forced to raise their young son Dani on his own. Chuck may be the oldest of the gang, but this Russian DILF is as young at heart as they come. Down to Earth with no patience for BS, this sexy Daddy calls it like it is.

As for Chase… He seems to get around. This hunky Scotsman has history with Jack, an eye on Fisherman and a habit of complicating things. Chase means well, but his actions could result in unanticipated tensions between he and his friends.

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© David Cantero 2019