KEYS 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5

By David Cantero.
Full colour, 24 pages each episode

Once upon a time, there were three very different boys who grew up to become three very different hunks. Each possessing his own interests and special skills, they could not have been more different. But there are three things they all have in common. They’re HUNG, always HORNY and they all work for the “KEYS” Agency.

GARY was a sporty New York City cop until his side gig as a male stripper got him booted from the force.

GREG was a highly paid airline pilot until his obsession with fucking while flying landed him in some major trouble.

GAGE was a New York City firefighter until his strange pyro-nymphomania led to his getting, uhm… well, fired!

Each recruited by the abrasive and authoritative MS. HOUSEKEEPER, Gary, Greg and Gage were hired to become “Keys” – agents charged with busting closeted gay men out of the closet. It’s a tough job but these three uncut studs are more than up to the task, and their missions always land them in the hottest, most hilariously lurid situations.

KEYS #1 DIGITAL version (English)
KEYS #2 DIGITAL version (English)
KEYS #3 DIGITAL version (English)
KEYS #4 DIGITAL version (English)
KEYS #5 DIGITAL version (English)

© David Cantero 2019