Sleeping Bear


By David Cantero

24 Pages / Full Colour

SLEEPING BEAR is the story of young PRINCE MATEO, heir to the KINGDOM OF SUPER MEGA COOL, who was born as hairy as a little baby bear. Naturally his parents, FASHION QUEEN and MACHO KING are quite concerned about this.

Thank goodness, Mateo’s fairy God-Mothers, FLABBY, FRU-FRU and FLO-FLO arrive in time to hopefully shave… ahm… SAVE the day! But before the teeny tiny tarts can weave their final spell, the gorgeously EVIL and deeply scorned witch MALEFICIA crashes the party, pissed that she hasn’t been invited and that she spent way too much on her designer party dress.

Craziness and hilarity ensue as Maleficia curses Mateo, doomed to prick his finger on a record player needle before his eighteenth birthday, upon which he will fall into a deep sleep that only true love’s kiss can BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! Yeah, yeah, we know — you think you know the whole story, but this comic will prove, rather wonderfully, that we still have much to learn about this little tale.

SLEEPING BEAR: A Gay Tale isn’t chock full of enchanted gushing dongs, but it’s wonderfully funny and clever and in typical Cantero fashion, the guys are deliciously hunky. And while there’s no hard-core sex in this lovely title, it’s a deliciously light-hearted, funny and super sexy comedy that proves once and for all that true love is true love, no matter who expresses it.

DIGITAL version (English) at CLASS COMICS.

© David Cantero 2017