Script by Ian Bermúdez / Illustrations by David Cantero.
Soft Cover – 80 pages – B/W – Format 24 cm x 16,9 cm

Transito is about how to be trans, of the possibilities that exist in this path, of being able to be trans in the way you want, of the search for happiness, …

A novel that invites to reflection, laughter, dialogue, … and all that through a comic book language, to expand the multicolored range of trans referents.

The story is Ian’s experience, allowing in this way to incorporate a series of characters that give an account of the fluidity with which it is possible to experience gender and sexuality, of the diversity of bodies that can exist beyond the rigid biomujer binomial – bioman


Published by Ediciones Bellaterrra & Pol·len Editions. (in Spanish & Catalan)

ISBN: 978-84-729072-6-3
© Ian Bermudez & David Cantero 2015