me_04nov2017David Cantero Berenguer was born the 29 December of 1972, in Cartagena, Spain. He finished the studies in 1996, in the Royal Academy of Beaux Arts in Liège, Belgium. Comic strips and illustration were his main studies. He’s illustrator, comic book author, cartoon animator 2D and 3D (Maya), character and background designer and concept artist for video games. As an illustrator, he worked for these clients: Matinée Group, Renault, Inditex, ES Collection, XTG, Lenita and IMC Toys. As a concept artist for games, he worked for Klicrainbow for the game « Supergay & the attack of his ex-girlfriends » and « The Cunitoons ». He worked in cartoon animation industry for several years all over Europe. He also published in magazines such as ZERO, NOIS, Instinct Magazine, Nuevo Vale, Pronto, Spirou Magazine and Männer Aktuell. He has published his works with: Class Comics, Bruno Gmünder, La Cùpula, NowEvolution and Cantero Editorial.

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. Degree in graphic arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Liege, Belgium, specializing in comic book and illustration 1996.


. Character design for the game BLACK HAMMER, Luxembourg 2001

. Illustrations for RENAULT, Mikado Agency, Luxembourg 2002

. Illustrator and graphic designer for IMC Toys, Tarrasa (Spain) 2003/2004

. Illustration for the perfume ZARA BOY, PUIG, Inditex, Barcelona (Spain) 2003

. Illustrations for menswear XTG, Gran Canarias (Spain) Between 2004/2010

. Illustrations for MATINEE GROUP, Barcelona / Ibiza, Between 2006/2012

. Illustrations for womenswear LENITA, Gran Canarias (Spain) 2006/2010

. Illustrations for the magazine INSTINCT MAGAZINE, California (U.S.A.) 2006

. Comic book artist for the magazine CLARO QUE SI!, La Cùpula Editorial, Barcelona (Spain) 2006

. Illustrations for the magazine NOIS, Barelona (Spain) 2008

. Illustrations for the magazine ZERO, Madrid (Spain) 2010

. Illustrator of several children books with, Seattle, (U.S.A.) 2011/2013.

. Illustrations for PIZZA HUT, Mikado Agency, Luxembourg 2012

. Illustrations for menswear ES Collection, Barcelona (Spain) 2012

. Illustrations and Comic books for AlphaBlue (Madrid), “THE CAVEMEN”, 2012/14

. Founder of the publishing CANTERO Editorial, (22 comic books), 2005/2010

. Comic book artist for the series “GHOSTBOY & DIABLO” and « SPACE CADET »,, Vancouver, (Canada) 2013/2014.


. STUDIO 352, Luxembourg:

Animator of cartoons in the series REYNART, 1996/97

Storyboard in the series BILBO, 1997

Character and background design in the series SONIC Underground, Tex Avery Show and SABRINA, 1998/99

. NEUROPLANET (Luxembourg): Layout in the series ROMA and the film BABAR, 2000

. ONIRIA pictures (Luxembourg): Character design in the series MEADOWLAND, 2001

. D’OCON Film (Barcelona, Spain): Character design and animation in the series ROVELLÓ, 2002

. Studio BRB (Barcelona, Spain): Character and Background design in the series, BUSTER BONES, RAMAYANA et ROMEO & JULIETA, 2003/2005

. Studio THE PICTURE FATORY (Luxembourg):

Supervisor of animation, THE PANIC SHOW, (2D & 3D animation – Maya 2008), 2008/09

Supervisor of animation in the series PIPI, PUPÚ & ROSMARY (2D animation – Flash), 2009

Supervisor of animación in the series KUMPLIES (3D animation – Maya 2009), 2009/10

Director of the studio between May 2008 and May 2010.

. STUDIO 352, Luxembourg, 2D Animator for the feature film “The days of the crows”, 2010/11

. DUPUIS, Paris, France, Storyboard in the series “Le Petit Spirou”, 2011

. Klicrainbow, Barcelona, Spain, Senior Artist (Design Characters/Background) and animation for the game iPhone/iPad “SUPERGAY, the game”, 2011.

. FX Animation 3D School, Barcelona (Spain), Teacher of Drawing/Character Design and Concept Artist 2012/13.

PROGRAMMES (Mac / PC): Excellent Level: Photoshop – Good Level: Illustrator, Flash, Maya, Premiére

LANGUAGES : Bilingual ESP/French – Good Level: English